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I am working alongside Carol Corbett of Horse Bit Fit. She is visiting the whole of the UK with a totally unique mobile service, checking your horses bits, size , fitting , suitability and advising on getting your "Horse Bit Fit"

Why Carol Started "Horse Bit Fit"

Most people spend hundreds of pounds on a saddle, have it fitted properly. Same on rugs, boots, feed, but only a few pounds on the Horses Bit.
"Horse Bit Fit" isn't about what you spend on a Bit though, but if the Bit is fitted correctly, correct size, right way up (yes that matters too!), correct for your horses mouth and tongue shape, also suitable for what you want to do, or achieve with your Horse.
"Horse Bit Fit" is a system of small ...checks, done by an Accredited Bitting Advisor.
If a Horse is not happy in its mouth, the rest of the body will follow. Nearly all napping, behaviour problems, bolting are caused by pain, very often from the Bit!


Stable Consultation - £20 per horse
"Horse Bit Fit" system of checks, to ensure Bit is fitted correctly, correct size, right way up, will help achieve what you want. Discuss any issues.

Ridden Consultation - £35 single horse includes stable consultation

£30 each for more than 5 horses (ONLY if ridden in pairs) approx. time 90 mins

"Horse Bit Fit" Bit check as above, then watching how the horse moves, how the Bit is affecting movement, and affecting the horse in general. Discuss any issues, perhaps recommendation of a different Bit to achieve what you want from your horse.

*We Don't Try To Sell You Expensive Bits, Just Piece Of Mind The One You're Using Is Fit!*

Carol is Myler and Neue Schule Accredited Bitting Advisor, who has an excellent reputation within the horse world, after running The Horse Bit Trader for many years. 07960059827 Carol Corbett

Where I come into this is I am busy sourcing Neue schule , Myler, Berris, Bomber and Abbey bits both new and secondhand  .

I offer a trial on Neue schule and have a few Mylers for trials. 

Bit hire is for 30 days from arriving to being returned. This costs £20/bit. All bits must be paid for in full and a refund minus the hire cost or replacement with price adjustment can be sent. Neue schule are normally dispatched  the same day.